Wireless HD Sender
SV 1760
SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender

Wireless HD Sender

SV 1760
  • Wireless Full HD transmission
  • 30mts range clear line of sight
  • Compact modern design
  • Plug & Play
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The Wireless HD Sender connects your AV devices and lets you control them from a different room

SV1760 HDMI Sender

Place your TV anywhere you like

Watch your favourite movie in your bedroom, cheer for your favourite football team in the garden or play your kids videos in their room while you’re having dinner with your friends downstairs.

Why be limited to one room when you can have the freedom to enjoy anywhere you like? The Wireless HDTV Sender connects your AV devices and lets you control them from a different room. The signal quality stays optimal, even through a wall or floor.

How does it work?

The Wireless HDTV Sender ensures smooth signal streaming from any AV device with an HDMI output to a remote TV. Thanks to the stable and uncompressed Full HD transmission, it provides you with an immersive media experience at the same high audio and video quality that you are used to.

SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender

Rich audio and video experience with Full HD

The Wireless HDTV Sender delivers a fluid transmission without delay within the distance of 30 metres. Unlike other home devices the Wireless HDTV Sender transmits data using the 5GHz band, ensuring that your AV is interference-free.

No delay

Cheer the second that your team scores thanks to a latency (delay) of less than half a second.

SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender

Compact design

Good things come in small packages. The Wireless HDTV Sender comes in a lightweight and compact matt-finished pack, containing a transmitter and a receiver unit that pair your source TV with the second one, offering you instant transmission of exceptional AV quality.

Thanks to its compact yet contemporary design, the Wireless HDTV Sender can be easily placed out of sight or situated beside your TV. No need to hide wires, this wireless piece of technology creates a clean look in your living room.

SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender

No wires

Put an end to threading wires through your walls at home. Connect your AV devices wirelessly and enjoy wherever you like. Additionally, to reduce wires, both transmitter and receiver can be powered directly via the connected devices with USB, but of course also via the mains power. Experience full AV quality with no strings attached!

SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender

Plug & Play

Installation is quick and easy. Simply connect your source TV with the HDMI transmitter unit and set-top box. Then connect your second TV with the HDMI receiver unit and within a few seconds they are paired. The setup is complete. You can now enjoy streamed audio and video in Full HD on your second TV! The HDMI streaming set is also capable of connecting all your HDMI enabled DVD/Blu-ray player, game console, home cinema projector etc.

SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender


All AV devices with HDMI outputs e.g. TV, STB, DVD/Blu-ray player, projector etc.

Safe AV transmission

Using the Wireless HDTV Sender will protect you from unwanted sharing due to its 128/256 bit AES based encryption

Specifications & details
Product code
SV 1760
Full HD Video support
Interference Free Technology
Range clear line of sight
30 mts
HDMI Version
1.4 a
HDMI inputs
Transmitter 1x
HDMI outputs
Transmitter 1x, Receiver 1x
Remote control frequency range
30 - 60 MHz
AC/DC adaptor
Power supply
2 x Power adaptor Micro USB
Video signal input
Video signal output
5.0 GHz